Mapping the Messiness

Mapping the Messiness is a feature-length research documentary commissioned by Monash University to document the experiences of five Australian graduate teachers entering the teaching profession. The overarching question behind this research is:

“What characterizes the varied experiences of Australian Education graduates as they continue their teaching journey into post-tertiary study?”

There is currently a very high attrition rate of Australian graduate teachers from the profession, about 40% leave teaching in the first 3 years. The initial research in this study has been published first in the form of this research documentary, Mapping the Messiness. Mapping the Messiness features five participant graduate teachers who have each agreed to film themselves regularly over the course of the year as they reflect on confronting difficulties in teaching, sharing their successes and also sharing their disappointments. This research documentary forms the first part of a wider research study into understanding the high attrition rate of graduate teachers in both an Australian and international context.

Research Lead: Associate Professor Angela Fitzgerald
Directed and produced by Magnolia Lowe for Monash University.