The University of Melbourne’s ‘McCaughey VicHealth Community Wellbeing Unit’ documentary

The McCaughey VicHealth Community Wellbeing Unit is a multi-disciplinary group, which aims to build knowledge about the social, economic and environmental determinants of health and community wellbeing.

The research unit, part of the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne was named in honour of two Victorians – Dr. Jean McCaughey, the founding Patron of the Centre, and her husband Davis McCaughey. Both Davis and Jean McCaughey individually and together have made outstanding contributions to the development and communication of ideas and evidence contributing to the health, wellbeing, social justice and human rights of a diverse range of Victorian, Australian and international communities. Their commitment to ‘knowledge for common good’ is at the heart of all of the work of the McCaughey VicHealth Community Wellbeing Unit.

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Documentary produced and directed by Magnolia Lowe.